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Teaspoons in the dishwasher

Friday, 9 April 2010

It started innocently enough

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It started innocently enough. I remarked on Twitter that I was happy that my dishwasher had finished its cycle, as it meant I would have teaspoons again. A lot of tea-making goes on at Toxic Towers, you see.

My good Twitter friend @heasgarnich took deep, violent exception to this. He reckons I’m a lazy layabout who should wash my teaspoons in the sink, or rinse them in whisky, or something.

Anyway, he sent me a RANT! No-one’s ever sent me a MP3 rant before. I felt quite honoured. Here’s an excerpt (it goes on much longer!), in which I’ve bleeped out the swearing to protect your tender ears:

@heasgarnich’s rant. Click on the link below.


We love @heasgarnich’s accent, even if he mostly just uses it to swear. Anyway, I wasn’t having this. I worked hard to get where I am today (*looks around* - oh, dear), and it is my God-given right to automate my teaspoon-cleaning tasks if I so wish.

I find that the best place to put my opinions across is in my dental surgery, so I invited @heasgarnich into the chair. Here’s what happened:

Pasted Graphic

Dangerous Spoons

I think you’ll find that settles it!

I should point out that @heasgarnich is actually quite lovely: he even recently acted on the “Buy me a present” link on my home page. We look forward to more audio gold from him!

Many many thanks to my genius friend Marc, who made my reply for me. He’s a voice artist/actor, and gets to do that sort of thing for a living, the lucky bugger! Have a look at www.marcsilk.com and get all star-struck. He’s been in a Star Wars film, but I’m sure he’s FAR more excited about his dignut.com debut.

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