A nice picture of a cat

On 27 December 2015 I was lucky enough to do something I’ve wanted to do for years, and be the guest host of the pub quiz at our local, The Old Stag’s Head. #lifegoals Seriously, that’s another box ticked.
Compiling the quiz was great fun. I mostly stuck to the usual format of the quiz: six rounds of eight questions, with a multiple choice round on paper, and a picture round.

Normally the teams have to identify fifteen pictures of celebrities on a photocopied sheet, but I didn’t do that. I gave each team a packet of crayons! How many of these could YOU draw and colour in?

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 22.51.23
Answers at the end of this post.

Firstly, though: one of my questions from the Festive round.

Which nativity scene animals are the subject of Thomas Hardy’s Christmas poem? Clue - begins with an O.

Here is a breakdown of the answers I received:

Maybe there were some owls up in the rafters of that stable in Bethlehem: who knows? But otters? Otters? Oh yes: those famous nativity otters!

Pasted Graphic 4
One team said “Reindeer”.

There are three problems with this answer:

Again, not many reindeer in ancient Judea
Reindeer does not begin with an O
It’s the wrong answer

That team wrote their answers in crayon.

The answer was of course “oxen”. Nobody got it. Never mind.

Let’s have a look at some of the pictures people drew, then! Most of the teams got the French flag: blue-white-red, right?

There was an interesting selection of jellyfish for the “slippery road” sign. I suppose jellyfish in the road would make it rather slippery.

The “treble stave” threw a couple of teams. I needed to see five lines, and a treble clef. Not a dollar sign.

Almost nobody got the “no waiting” road sign. They all drew a blue circle with a red cross:


The one team that got it right also drew me a rainbow, so that was nice:

Finally, I asked the teams to draw me a nice picture of a cat. Everyone got a point regardless, though some of the cats are nicer than others. Which is your favourite?

Here is my beautifully coloured-in reference picture answer sheet.

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