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Today I successfully took a grading for my first belt in the Brazilian martial art capoeira! This took place in Birmingham at an all-weekend event called a Batizado, which means “baptism”.

There is not a part of me right now that doesn’t ache. Even my spleen aches, and I’m not even sure where my spleen actually is.

The weekend has been punishing, but enormous fun! I’d like to thank Rachel, for letting me crash on her living room floor; and Gavin, for looking after me. I’d also like to say hi to all the friends I had fun with over the weekend, old and new.

Many thanks also to my instructor, Mascote, for organising such a fantastic event. People attended from all over the country, and we were lucky enough to also have present some of the international masters of the sport. This did not make the grading any less stressful!

I’m hoping to collect some more pictures of the event soon, and will put them up here when I do. (Thanks to Fenix - I pinched a couple of these pictures form her Facebook.)

I’m Green Belt! No building any houses on ME!

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