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poker night

9 May 2010 - Last night was a poker night at my dad’s place! It’s always a fantastic evening, with great food, lively banter, copious amounts of booze, and deadly deadly serious cards...
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My dad, John, dealing.
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Two up, two down, King-Queen to call.
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Suzanne considers her options.
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Crib sheet for newbies!
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We each have our own individual containers to store our cash. This antique belongs to my dad.
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My container is a plastic tub from the dental surgery. Says it all, really, doesn’t it?
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The Poker Room is lined with mirrors, which has caused many to wonder if they are somehow used to cheat. If so, I haven’t worked out how.
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Game in full swing!
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My best hand of the evening: a full house!
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A late visitor to the table.
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Game suspended due to cat obstructing play!
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This is Milly, a Maine Coon. She is HUGE!
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Milly has fur you just want to bury your face in!
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Well-stocked cellar.
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My evening’s takings: I started off with £1.30, and here we have about £1.90. Win!


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